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Sep 22, 2023 by Chisel Montessori School

In the ever-evolving world we live in, it's crucial for parents to consider effective educational approaches for adolescents during their higher secondary years. At Chisel Montessori School in Chennai, we believe in nurturing not just academic excellence but also personal growth. Our vision for adolescent learning aligns with the unique qualities that set humans apart – our capacity for love, abstract thinking, and shaping our world.
In 2024, we're excited to launch our "Chirpi" program, featuring the "Erdkinder Environment," a one-of-a-kind farm school nestled in Thennangur, Vandavasi. Here, students reside and engage in both theoretical studies and hands-on practical work, bridging the gap between knowledge and its real-world applications.
Affiliated with esteemed educational boards like CBSE and IGCSE, we ensure a well-rounded education that meets rigorous academic standards while nurturing individual interests and talents. Our focus on application-oriented learning empowers students to explore their passions from an early age, encouraging critical thinking and adaptability.
At Chisel Montessori School, we foster holistic development, nurturing a love for learning that extends beyond the classroom. Our dedicated faculty and staff are committed to supporting each child's unique learning journey, preparing them not just for exams but for a lifetime of success in their chosen paths.
Join us in preparing your adolescents for a rapidly changing world, where they'll embrace challenges with confidence, curiosity, and innovation. Unlock their potential and watch them thrive as adaptable, creative, and self-assured individuals.

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