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Chisel encourages children to explore their personalities and discover their unique talents. With the guidance of dedicated Montessori adults, young minds have the time and freedom to understand themselves. We keep children engaged both indoors and outdoors with exciting activities using natural materials, considering their developmental phases. This allows them to have a sense of freedom within boundaries, focus better, and nurture their social interests.

About Montessori Education – In this interconnected learning system, every child learns by observing their elder peers and guiding the younger ones simultaneously. In an atmosphere of trust, respect, and meeting each child’s needs, we empower them to become motivated learners who can evaluate their progress and grow at their own pace.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide children with a secure and joyful learning environment that embraces the principles of Dr. Maria Montessori. We aim to foster personal and academic growth, independence, confidence, and a sense of responsibility for themselves and the community as a whole.

Our Mission

Our Mission is dedicated to offering a comprehensive Montessori education that spans from birth to 18 years and beyond, ensuring a complete continuum of learning for children.

Chisel Montessori School Vision and Mission

Our Team

Chisel Montessori Team
At Chisel, we are dedicated to providing a child-centric program that celebrates each child’s individuality and empowers them to explore their inherent talents. Our team of highly committed Montessori educators offers a nurturing space where young minds are given the freedom and opportunity to truly discover themselves. With a keen understanding of the sensitive periods in a child’s development, we curate engaging activities using natural materials, both indoors and outdoors. This creates an environment that allows children to move within boundaries, enhances their concentration abilities, and fosters a genuine interest in social interactions.
Through our carefully crafted co-dependent system, children learn by observing their older peers and, in turn, guiding their younger counterparts. We firmly believe in trusting, respecting, and adapting to each child’s unique needs, encouraging them to become self-motivated learners who can assess their progress and grow at their own pace. Join us at Chisel as we embark on a remarkable journey of empowering children to unlock their full potential and become lifelong learners.


Meet G.Brinda, a science post-graduate with a noble ambition to shape a brighter future by nurturing the minds of the next generation. Since 2007, she has been coaching students for various competitive exams, including All India Medical Exams, NTSE, CET, and AIEEE. In June 2013, she embarked on a path fueled by her love for nature and a desire to instill the same appreciation in children, leading to the establishment of a Play school. Recognizing the need for a paradigm shift in education, she transformed the Play school into a Montessori haven, aiming to unfold the world’s splendor, wonders, and limitless possibilities for young minds, fostering their dreams and cultivating better human beings. Her commitment to Montessori principles is evident through her certifications as a Montessori primary practitioner (ages 3-6) from the International Montessori Society in the year 2015 and elementary practitioner (ages 6-12) from Indian Montessori centre in the year 2017, along with her completion of an infancy and parenting certificate program. To broaden her expertise, she pursued the Cambridge International Diploma in Teaching and Learning from 2020 to 2022, aligning Montessori pedagogy with the IGCSE board for school affiliation. Furthermore, she attained a Bachelor’s in Education, ensuring compliance with the National Education Policy’s teacher requirements. In 2023, she attained her 12-18 Diploma with AMI, setting the stage for a farm school catering to adolescents in grades 7 to 12. Her unwavering dedication and pursuit of knowledge exemplify her passion for shaping young minds and fostering a better tomorrow.


Mr. Muruga Sundaram, a Civil Engineering graduate, has always been determined to provide quality education for society. He has been the driving force behind Chisel since its inception, dedicated to building an institution that serves the child and contributes to creating a peaceful society.

Chief Operating Officer

Anto Jerry, a visionary psychologist, founded Happie Life in 2009 with a mission to create a community of positive thinkers and motivational leaders. His deep belief in alternative thinking and organic development led him to become a dedicated parent at Chisel in 2019. Sharing a common vision with Chisel, he took over the role of Chief Operating Head in 2021, with a strong focus on opening up education as an art of living. Anto has enriched his understanding of child psychology through adolescent assistance training with Associate Montessori Internationale. Today, he spearheads the endeavour to create a better future for generations to come.


Ms. Preetha is a shining example of academic excellence, holding an M. Phil degree in Economics and a B. Ed qualification. Over the past decade, she has been an indispensable part of the Chisel community. Starting her career as a primary adult, she progressively took on more responsibilities and eventually became a primary coordinator. Currently, Ms. Preetha’s passion lies in Montessori education, particularly in the 3-6-year age group, where she serves as a dedicated practitioner. Pursuing her Diploma in Elementary Montessori at IMTC, she aspires to further her expertise in the field. Recently, she was appointed as the Principal at Chisel, a role she wholeheartedly embraced to propagate the institution’s values and ensure its standard of excellence. Ms. Preetha firmly advocates the significance of humility in molding a person into a true educator, and she wholeheartedly practices this principle in her life’s endeavors.

Elementary Coordinator

Ms. Ramya, with a Master’s degree in Tamil and Montessori Elementary training from IMTC, has played a pivotal role in laying the foundation for Chisel Elementary since its inception. Her profound interest in psychology and literature has had a great impact on nurturing fresh perspectives in children. Possessing a humble demeanor, attentive listening abilities, and considerate actions, she builds a bridge of trust between herself, the children, and other teachers, making her a key contributor to Chisel’s success story.

Franchise Coordinator

Ms. Sukanya’s path took an unexpected turn when she realized her true passion lay in nurturing a positive and dynamic learning atmosphere for young children. Guided by the IMTC course, she embraced the role of a Montessori director at Chisel, marking the beginning of a fulfilling journey. With considerable experience under her belt and a B.Ed degree aligned with the National Educational Policy, she has honed her skills in creating a nurturing space where young minds can explore and cultivate a love for learning. As a franchise coordinator, she now eagerly embraces the opportunity to extend the magic of Montessori education to new horizons.

Primary Coordinator

After devoting 5 years to being a homemaker, Ms. Dhivya chose to follow her heart’s desire to work in child development and transformational education. The immense positive impact she observed in her son, who attended Chisel and experienced holistic growth, fueled her determination to become a Montessorian. Completing her primary Montessori training at IMTC, she seamlessly integrated into the Chisel community, wholeheartedly committed to understanding and fostering the growth of each child for the past 4 years.
Timeline Of Chisel Montessori School in Chennai
Timeline Of Chisel Montessori school in chennai
Timeline Of Chisel Montessori School in Chennai