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Montessori FAQ

Chisel follows the Montessori pedagogy until grade 12.

Chisel is in the process of registering with the State Government of Tamil Nadu until grade 5, after which it will be affiliated with CBSE or IGCSE board.

Preparation for exams begins in 7th grade, which will help them be ready for the 10th and 12th grade exams.

If a student faces difficulties, we can provide assistance for them to take the exams under the State board or NIOS, provided they express interest.

Although Montessori originated in India, it is more widely practised in other countries. In India, many schools use Montessori materials for activity-based learning. The government has recently introduced Montessori environments in corporation schools.

Yes, the school’s affiliation ensures that their certificates are valid for admission to professional courses.

Erdkinder is a prepared Montessori environment for adolescents.

The farm school is located in Vandavasi, 100 km from Chennai. The academic year will begin in June 2024.

Chisel accepts Admissions throughout the year. However, for Nanganallur, admissions occur twice a year, starting in June for Vijayadashami and in December for the academic year.

We may introduce another option in the future, but currently, the farm school is the only option.

Yes, as it is a registered school.

Sports are crucial for us. We ensure that every child has at least one hour of play or sports participation every day, within the given space and time.

There is no distinction between co-curricular and curriculum here; everything is part of the curriculum. Carpentry, astrophysics, self-sustainable living, cooking, cinematography, theater arts, music, and more are all part of our offerings .


is offering the right word here? it sounds like an offering in the temple. can we choose a better word?

Yes, treks happen frequently. We believe education goes beyond the four walls.