Chisel Montessori

Chisel Montessori School in Chennai

Chisel Montessori, fosters individuality and empowers children between 2-18 years of age to embrace lifelong learning by rendering meaningful activities, dedicated educators, and a supportive community.

Join hands with us to cultivate independence, confidence, responsibility, and academic excellence in your child.

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Discover Chisel Montessori in Chennai

where innate curiosity thrives. Our Montessori approach nurtures deep understanding through sensory engagement. With tailored curricula, guided freedom, and an interconnected learning system, children progress towards holistic growth here.

Zero admission fees at select locations

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Why Chisel?

We make education a joyful experience


Chisel Montessori, Cultivating personalized learning, all-round development, and an enduring thirst for knowledge. Perfect for your child’s journey!

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