Article published in Times of India on Sunday the 26th October,2014 on  our work for Vulture Conservation.We have been working with various conservation NGOs to help them align their project objectives with children as one of the stakeholder groups.  We have a 2 pronged approach.

1.We work on showing the tribal children their natural heritage and why they should take care of the flora and fauna

2.We work with children in towns and cities by showing them the unique roles flora and fauna play and how they are  adapted to play it to perfection.

In both the groups we use art as the means of communication. We show them how form follows function.This enables  them to empathize seamlessly.We have conducted 1OOs of workshops in Tamil Nadu,Karnataka and Kerala. We have worked in Maharashtra too.

We have conducted online conservation storytelling events for Dinamalar a leading Tamil Newspaper over 16 weeks.  We have published 110 videos on youtube about elephants during  the lockdown period to keep children in good spirits.